If you want to take Piano Lessons in Stillwater, MN...

Call Joanne Radke at 651-439-6082!

Please Note:  All lessons have been suspended due to Coronavirus.

Located in Stillwater, MN 55082

Piano Teacher: Joanne Radke

Phone Number: 651-439-6082

What musical Skills may a Student learn?

  • Understanding basic musical concepts, symbols, terms.
  • Counting rhythm patterns.
  • Emphasis on developing life-long skill of note reading.
    (rather than focusing on recitals and memorization)
  • Playing chords and understanding harmony.
  • Harmonizing and transposing melodies.
  • Improvising and creativity.
  • Developing specific technique skills through patterns and exercises.
  • Playing scales, chords, arpeggios, and songs in different key signatures.
  • Sight-reading pieces.
  • Exploring variety of musical styles.
    (Additional supplementary piano books may be borrowed at each level.)