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Please Note:  All lessons have been suspended due to Coronavirus.

Located in Stillwater, MN 55082

Piano Teacher: Joanne Radke

Phone Number: 651-439-6082

Musical Background of Joanne Radke

~Early Years~

Studied piano and flute
Participated in choirs, band, orchestra

~College Years~

B.A. in Music, William Smith College in New York
B.S. in Music Therapy, University of Minnesota
Private Piano and Flute Instructor - 3 years
Further studies in piano and flute, Recitals
Participated in choirs, band, chamber music

~Adult Years~

Music Director in programs for developmentally disabled and physically handicapped adults and preschool children - 5+ years
Led group musical activities such as singing, rhythm and movement, music appreciation, playing classroom instruments
At church, performed piano and flute, also choir
Private Piano Instructor - 22 years
Teaching piano lessons to elementary students and teenagers from public and private schools as well as homeschools